Baby's first Mastodon upgrade was a success. It also barely counts since I'm a docker-compose heathen.

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Is This Content Warning a Shitpost: the tooter's gamble

Mastodon turns out to be relatively easy to get online and running without learning too much about the internals.

Planning a server migration really gets you digging into the sources. Decidedly fewer guides on that.

@essie Thanks. Just a personal instance to learn about aws and container stuff, but running an app for social media makes the mind jump to Lain right away.

Building the second server to delete the first is going to be a situation. Not sure how much of a mix of ansible, jenkins, docker swarm, or whatever else that will be.

The mix of documentation between running Mastodon from source vs. from docker container is confusing. Probably I should be trying to use "docker-compose run --rm" more often.

Well, assuming "no federation" counts as "there".

Trying to save console outputs when I remember to. This would be a beast to recreate so far. Getting all the way to "fully automated" is going to be a sight from here.

Whoooo boy... installing ruby for rbenv.... missed that in the beginning and now it is taking forever on this ec2 instance.

The battle continues. Fought my way through all of the rake tasks and got the instance all the way up.

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Yes, it is a Lain reference.